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GreenerPackage: Knowledge exchange for sustainable packaging Anne Marie Mohan


Video highlights lifecycle analysis of film vs. corrugated shippers >>

Short two-minute video from Delkor highlights the results from an independent lifecycle analysis (LCA) study on Smart Balance's use of the Spot-Pak package as a replacement for corrugated cases. Learn what the LCA uncovered.

Delkor Systems

Twist on molded fiber yields smooth surfaces on both sides of a thermoform >>

Read about the Type 3 molded fiber process, which creates a strong, well-defined part with smooth surfaces on both sides of a thermoformed part. Feedstock derived from newspaper, waste paperboard, office paper scrap.

Plastic Ingenuity

Packaging drives Naturopathica® Holistic Health re-branding effort >>

Naturopathica® executes a new packaging strategy with digital and litho printing, and extended-text labeling. The re-branding effort for the ECOCERT-certified beauty products line is built on strong graphics cues and includes bilingual copy.

WS Packaging Group Inc.

EarthAware biodegradable and recycled film bags for greater sustainability >>

EarthAware poly-film bags are designed for those organizations moving toward greater sustainability by lowering the impact of packaging on the environment. Data sheets cover all technical aspects of these films and give potential buyers a clear understanding of the features and applications of each film type.

Automated Packaging Systems

Rigid container project in the works?

New! Download this free, 50-page Rigid Container Design Playbook jam-packed with strategies for success, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid. Whether your job involves package design or package development, download this playbook now.

Packaging World


Game-changing 'un-packaging' solutions

Packaging recovery labeling system to debut in 2012

Energy opportunities from nonrecycled plastics calculated

Raw pet-food maker takes leadership position with compostable packaging

Latest Sustainable Packaging 
Test Image Greener Package 5-Star Member

Mineral-based coating replaces plastic; offers barrier, recyclability

Package: Raw Material
Material type: Coatings
Company: Smart Planet Technologies

Sustainability claims
Check Mark Greenhouse gas reduction: 10-24%
Check Mark CONEG documentation? Yes
Claims 3rd Party Reviewed

Test Image

Preformed containers and lidding made from PLA

Package:Film, rigid
Material type: Polymers: PLA
Company: Clear Lam Packaging, Inc.

Sustainability claims
Check Mark Greenhouse gas reduction: 10-24%
Check Mark CONEG documentation? Yes
Check Mark Shipping efficiency? Yes
Check Mark Compostable? Yes
Claims 3rd Party Reviewed

Test Image

4-g less plastic in lightweight PET heatset bottle

Package: Bottle
Material: Polymers: PET
Company: Amcor Rigid Plastics

Sustainability claims
• Waste-to-energy? Yes
• Recyclable? Yes

Test Image

Blister-pack uses pre-consumer recycled plastic, semi-bleached corrugated

Package: Blister pack
Material: Wood/Paper
Company: The Drake Company

Sustainability claims
• Shipping efficiency? Yes
• Recyclable? Yes

Packagers: Source sustainable packaging materials using the Greener Package Database

Suppliers: Submit your sustainable packaging product for free

Third-party review: Explanation


Featured Video
For brand impact, 'less is more'
Ronald deVlam, CEO and global managing partner for brand strategy and design firm Webb deVlam, examines how the concept of "less is more," coined by architect Mies van der Rohe, can be effectively expressed in brand packaging.

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