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GreenerPackage: Knowledge exchange for sustainable packaging Anne Marie Mohan


AT&T chooses renewable-resource TerraPET® film >>

When AT&T put out the call for a more sustainable packaging film, they found their answer in Pentaform® TerraPET® films from kp. TerraPET® film, made from up to 30% renewable-resource content from sugar cane, offers the same clarity and performance as traditional APET.

SmartCycle® films –11.6 billion post-consumer plastic bottles recycled >>

Radius Toothbrush uses distinctive SmartCycle® packaging film and logo to show consumers how 11.6 billion post-consumer plastic bottles can protect the environment and save energy.

Watch our video: Learn how you can change to polyester without changing a thing >>

Pentapharm® kpVantage®, a high-performance polyester-based film, was tested and validated by P&G, and is now used in their Vicks® Nature Fusion® package. These high-performance polyester-based films run on your existing equipment–no need to change package design, tooling, or lid stock.

Coty Inc. scores with renewable resource TerraPET® packaging films >>

Adidas® is all about performance, and so are kp's TerraPET® rigid films. Made with up to 30% renewable-resource content from sugar cane, they perform the same as standard APET and provide brilliant cosmetic clarity, all while helping meet your sustainable packaging goals.


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Pressure put on Campbell Soup results in phase-out of BPA

Get guidance on use of recycled fibers for paper packaging from SPC

Latest Sustainable Packaging 
Smart Planet Greener Package 5-Star Member

Mineral-based coating replaces plastic; offers barrier, recyclability

Package: Reclosable, Easy-open, Handled
Material type: Raw Material
Company: Smart Planet Technologies

Sustainability claims
Check Mark Greenhouse gas reduction: 10-24%
Check Mark CONEG documentation? Yes
Claims 3rd Party Reviewed


Pre- and post-consumer recycled materials used in PET food packaging films

Package: Film, rigid
Material: Polymers: PET
Company: Klockner Pentaplast

Sustainability claims
• Post-consumer content: 50 - 74%
• Pre-consumer content: 25 - 49%
• CONEG documentation? Yes


Liquid carton: made from renewable resources, low carbon footprint

Package: Carton
Material: Wood/Paper: Paperboard
Company: Tetra Pak, Inc.

Sustainability claims
• Greenhouse gas reduction: 75-99%
• Shipping efficiency? Yes
• Renewable energy? Yes
• Sustainable forestry certification? Yes


Lightweight RPET clamshell package with PCR content

Package: Converted Package
Material: Polymers: PET
Company: Constar International, Inc.

Sustainability claims
• Recyclable:60% or more

Packagers: Source sustainable packaging materials using the Greener Package Database

Suppliers: Submit your sustainable packaging product for free

Third-party review: Explanation