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GreenerPackage: Knowledge exchange for sustainable packaging Anne Marie Mohan


Ultrasonic sealing technology that reduces materials, maintenance, and energy >>

Triangle demonstrates the versatility of its ultrasonic sealing technology in this video. The sealing technology is designed to reduce material consumption through a 50-80% narrower seal versus heat. There is also a reduction of package headspace and a potential reduction in secondary packaging.

Triangle Package Machinery Company

Sustainability Primer: How to lightweight materials with vertical baggers >>

White paper from Rennco shows specific calculations demonstrating dramatic material reductions by switching to vertical bagging equipment from using premade bags.


10 tips for energy-efficient and sustainable conveyors >>

Watch this short video from Nercon to learn how to reduce energy, improve efficiencies and reduce waste on your packaging lines.


Packaging Machinery: Sustainability and Competitiveness >>

Download this white paper from the U.S. Department of Commerce on sustainability and competitiveness of the U.S. packaging machinery industry.

Delkor Systems

Slashing C02 permeation testing times for plastic bottles >>

A new white paper from MOCON describes an effective, non-destructive way of determining, in just hours after a bottle has been conditioned, the amount of CO2 permeating out of a bottle and the expected shelf-life of its contents.



Sustainable Packaging Symposium 2011 surpasses expectations

Podcast: Greener Package Awards chair details competition changes

Video: Walmart's CA waste-reduction success story

Flexible baby food pack beats rigid jar footprint

Greener Package Awards
Latest Sustainable Packaging 

PLA containers, film for breathable and barrier applications

Package: Film, rigid
Material type: Polymers: PLA
Company: Clear Lam Packaging, Inc.

Sustainability claims
Check Mark Greenhouse gas reduction: 50-74%
Check Mark CONEG documentation? Yes
Check Mark Shipping efficiency? Yes
Check Mark Compostable? Yes
Check Mark Waste-to-energy? Yes
Claims 3rd Party Reviewed


Renewable, compostable paperboard foodservice spoon

Package: Eating device: Spoon/form/spork
Material: Paperboard: Solid Bleached Sulfate
Company: EcoTensil Inc.

Sustainability claims
• Sustainable forestry certification? FSC
• Renewable energy? Indirect use
• Shipping efficiency? Yes
• Recyclable? Yes


Barrier coating for PLA film packaging

Package: Raw Material
Material: Coatings
Company: NanoPack

Sustainability claims
• Compostable? Yes


Compostable, cellulose-based side-gusset or flat bag

Package: Bag, pre-formed: Stacked
Material type: Wood/Paper: Cellophane, Cellulose film
Company: The Revere Group

Sustainability claims
• CONEG documentation? Yes
• Compostable? Yes
• Waste-to-energy? Yes

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