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GreenerPackage: Knowledge exchange for sustainable packaging Anne Marie Mohan


A better handle on a shade of green >>

We’re always working to improve our process and impact on the planet. PakTech handles made from 99% Post Consumer Recycled HDPE plastic result in a production process that offsets enough greenhouse gasses to equal 1,028 fewer cars on the road every year. Learn how PakTech can help your sustainability initiatives.


Whitepaper: Targeting the green consumer through fresh packaging >>

Consumers are demanding more from packaging - expecting it to be more than just a cost-effective and convenient tool for protecting the products they buy. Influencing their product selection process at the grocer’s shelf is thoughtful consideration about the environmental impact of a product’s packaging.

Evergreen Packaging

Register Now - NPE2012, April 1-5 >>

From the plastics of today to the engineered materials of tomorrow, our industry unites to Break the Mold at The International Plastics Showcase. Get to Orlando and experience the return of the machines. NPE will deliver the tools, technology and networking needed to advance your career and company. REGISTER TODAY.


Twist on molded fiber yields smooth surfaces on both sides of a thermoform >>

Read about the Type 3 molded fiber process, which creates a strong, well-defined part with smooth surfaces on both sides of a thermoformed part. Feedstock derived from newspaper, waste paperboard, office paper scrap.

Plastic Ingenuity

Sustainable case packing: Head-to-head comparison of film vs. corrugated shippers >>

Seven-page PDF details the findings of an independent lifecycle analysis (LCA) study on Smart Balance's use of the Spot-Pak package to replace corrugated shipper. Four charts document reductions in material use (and disposal), process and energy, greenhouse gases, and truckload shipments.

Delkor Systems


SPS co-chair explains food waste/sustainable packaging connection

The Greener Package top 10 for 2011

Sugarcane-based thermoform is the right call for AT&T's accessories

Roadmap released for more effective U.S. material recovery systems

Latest Sustainable Packaging 
Test Image

PUR flexo-printing plate alternative eliminates use of solvents, harmful VOCs

Package: Raw Material
Material: Polymers: Polyurethane
Company:MacDermid Printing Solutions

Sustainability claims
• Greenhouse gas reduction: 10-24%
• CONEG documentation? Yes
• Waste-to-energy? Yes

Test Image

PET boxmaking films contain up to 25% PCR content

Package: Film, rigid
Material type: Polymers: PETE
Company: Klockner Pentaplast

Sustainability claims
• Post-consumer content: 25 - 49%
• Renewable energy: 75-99%
• CONEG documentation? Yes

Test Image

HDPE bulk containers are reusable

Package: Bulk container: tote
Material: Polymers: HDPE
Company: Orbis Corporation

Sustainability claims
• CONEG documentation? Yes
• Reusable? Yes

Test Image

SBS barrier folding carton integrates a top-end pouch, zipper closure

Package: Carton, folding
Material: Paperboard: Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS)
Company: Malnove, Inc.

Sustainability claims
• CONEG documentation? Yes
• Shipping efficiency? Yes
• Shipping efficiency? Yes

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