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GreenerPackage: Knowledge exchange for sustainable packaging Anne Marie Mohan


10 tips for energy-efficient and sustainable conveyors >>

Watch this short video from Nercon to learn how to reduce energy, improve efficiencies and reduce waste on your packaging lines.


Video highlights lifecycle analysis of film vs. corrugated shippers >>

Short two-minute video from Delkor highlights the results from an independent lifecycle analysis (LCA) study on Smart Balance's use of the Spot-Pak package as a replacement for corrugated cases. Learn what the LCA uncovered.

Delkor Systems

Video shows how biodegradable plastic additive works in simple to understand terms >>

Engaging video from Eco Logic shows how its Eco One biodegradable plastic additive causes plastic packaging to break down in landfill conditions, resulting in humus, carbon dioxide and methane.


Sustainability Primer: How to lightweight materials with vertical baggers >>

White paper from Rennco shows specific calculations demonstrating dramatic material reductions by switching to vertical bagging equipment from using premade bags.


Ultrasonic sealing technology that reduces materials, maintenance, and energy >>

Triangle demonstrates the versatility of its ultrasonic sealing technology in this video. The sealing technology is designed to reduce material consumption through a 50-80% narrower seal versus heat. There is also a reduction of package headspace and a potential reduction in secondary packaging.

Triangle Package Machinery Company


Three predictions for recycling in 2011

'REFill' cartridges for household cleaner contribute to 80% reduction in plastic

USDA launches voluntary bio-based product certification, labeling program

Seeking suggestions on biodegradable molded-pulp packaging for utilities application

Sustainable Packaging Symposium
Latest Sustainable Packaging 

Enhanced-strength plastics colorant

Package: Colorant for Plastic
Material type: Additives
Company: Carolina Color Corporation

Sustainability claims
Check Mark Greenhouse gas reduction: 25-49%
Check Mark Shipping efficiency? Yes
Claims 3rd Party Reviewed


Cylindrical bottles contain from 25% to 100% PCR HDPE

Package: Bottle
Material: Polymers: HDPE
Company: Alpha Packaging

Sustainability claims
• Post-consumer content: 100%
• Recyclable? 60% or more


Stone-based soap wrapper

Package: Flexible packaging
Material type: Polymer Blends
Company: TerraSkin a division of Design & Source Productions, Inc.

Sustainability claims
• Pre-consumer content: 75-99%
• CONEG documentation? Yes
• Shipping efficiency? Yes


Responsibly sourced, recycled-content paperboard packaging

Package: Carton
Material: Paperboard: Coated Recycled
Company: Green Bay Packaging

Sustainability claims
• Post-consumer content: 100%
• CONEG documentation? Yes
• Recyclable? Yes

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Third-party review: Explanation