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GreenerPackage: Knowledge exchange for sustainable packaging Anne Marie Mohan


Are biodegradable plastics an antidote to non-recycled packaging waste? >>

White paper challenges the assumption that biodegradable plastics in landfills are an inadequate end-of-life solution compared to recycling or composting.


Sustainable case packing: Head-to-head comparison of film vs. corrugated shippers >>

Seven-page PDF details the findings of an independent lifecycle analysis (LCA) study on Smart Balance's use of the Spot-Pak package to replace corrugated shipper. Four charts document reductions in material use (and disposal), process and energy, greenhouse gases, and truckload shipments.

Delkor Systems

Sustainability Primer: How to lightweight materials with vertical baggers >>

White paper from Rennco shows specific calculations demonstrating dramatic material reductions by switching to vertical bagging equipment from using premade bags.


10 tips for energy-efficient and sustainable conveyors >>

Watch this short video from Nercon to learn how to reduce energy, improve efficiencies and reduce waste on your packaging lines.


Application analysis discusses track-and-trace bar codes for fresh produce packaging >>

This Application Analysis explains the track and trace basics for produce packers facing PTI compliance. Read about a case printing solution from FoxJet and examine the costs.



Readers' top-10 picks for 2010

Podcast: Stonyfield shares journey to PLA packs

Kashi goes lean; reduces packaging materials up to 12.4%

Conversation continues on 'biodegradable plastic additives'

Sustainable Packaging Symposium
Latest Sustainable Packaging 

Cornstarch-based, biodegradable loosefill is made using renewable energy

Package: Protective: loosefill
Material type: Starch Blends
Company: StarchTech

Sustainability claims
Check Mark Renewable energy? Yes
Check Mark Shipping efficiency? Yes
Check Mark Compostable? Yes
Check Mark Waste-to-energy? Yes
Claims 3rd Party Reviewed


100% recycled, clay-coated paperboard also 100% recyclable

Package: Carton
Material type: Paperboard: Coated Recycled
Company: Strathcona Paper, L.P.

Sustainability claims
Check Mark Post-consumer content: 50-74%
Check Mark Pre-consumer content: 25-49%
Check Mark Sustainable forestry certification? (FSC)
Check Mark Renewable energy? Yes
Check Mark Greenhouse gas reduction: 100%
Check Mark CONEG documentation? Yes
Check Mark Recyclable? Yes
Check Mark Compostable? Yes
Check Mark Waste-to-energy? Yes
Claims 3rd Party Reviewed


Flexible BIB liners are lighter, use less material, than rigid alternative

Package: Bag, pre-formed
Material type: Polymers: LLDPE
Company: CDF Corporation

Sustainability claims
• Post-consumer content: 10-24%
• Pre-consumer content: 10-24%
• Greenhouse gas reduction: 10-24%
• Shipping efficiency? Yes
• Reusable? Yes
• Recyclable? Limited


Security pack uses tear-resistant, recyclable blister-card

Package: Blister card
Material: Paperboard: (SBS)
Company: Meadwestvaco

Sustainability claims
• Sustainable forestry certification? (SFI)
• Renewable energy used in this product: 50-74%
• CONEG documentation? Yes
• Shipping efficiency? Yes
• Recyclable? Limited
• Waste-to-energy? Yes

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