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  • 2010 The Second China (Shenzhen) International Biological Plasti

    介绍      目前,对生物降解材料的需求是巨大的无论是在中国和世界。需要的数量在包装业和餐饮业家总数超过300万多吨单国际市场需求更更多,比上一年30-50 %,年升幅。 ,2010年国内需求预计将达到13.437 ,总市值超过150亿美元,而世界将约2000万吨的。近年来,生物可降解产业出现了快速的发展。国家政策是由产业升级到高端的,这将可望由2015年生物降解材料及abosorbable行业的关键领域。    2009年深圳市中国国际生物塑料展,是最古老而其在中国这类专业。它作为一个贸易和技术交流平台,为商务人士在世界各地。 2009年,来自约20个国家和地区的企业家paticipated在这公平,其中许多来自美国,英国,德国,意大利,泰国,新西兰,新加坡,台湾和香港的。展会期间,世界著名coropetations就好像边防军和英诺科技的应用和对生物可降解材料的未来进行讨论。    为了满足许多生物降解的企业的需求,我们将举办第二届深圳国际生物塑料展览会将在中国大交流广场16日举行的第17届, 2010年11月。我们会邀请商界人士在塑料加工制造,餐饮,包装,机械制造,高级官员和来自当地政府部门的形式为经济发展和国际投资机构的星级率hotels.Besides ,官员也将应邀参展。这次展览会有望成为高层次,与原版报刊对世界明显的影响生物降解的产业特色。    参展范围: 生物塑料制品:生物降解塑料袋,可降解碗,杯可生物降解,生物降解容器,可降解板,托盘可生物降解,生物降解餐具,刀具可生物降解,生物降解叉,勺可生物降解,生物降解Sporks ,玉米淀粉餐具,丁辛生物降解母料,生物塑料添加剂,玉米淀粉袋,塑料容器,甘蔗板和碗,生物降解塑料碗,可降解餐饮服务叉,可生物降解堆肥蔗渣板,可生物降解的福克斯,生物降解重型野餐包,可生物降解的刀,可生物降解餐饮沙律钳,餐饮服务福克生物降解,生物降解餐饮服务勺,可生物降解餐饮小钳,可生物降解的勺子,可生物降解餐具,替代传统的生物基塑料, 100 %生物降解,堆肥100 % ,100 %生物降解纸板,可生物降解的购物袋,生物降解塑料,生物降解塑料袋,纸浆环保餐具,纸浆模塑,纸浆模塑杯,医用生物塑料制品,电子生物塑料制品,塑料食品生物技术,生物塑料的手机的情况下,生物塑料盒,生物塑料牙膏盒,生物塑料梳子,生物塑料牙刷,生物塑料牙签,生物塑料杯,生物塑料制品等产品。 费用: 参展费用  标准展位(3米× 3米) : 2700USD ,角增加了10 %  空房间: 250USD每平方米  世博会在杂志广告:封面: 2500USD底部: 2000USD内: 1500USD   CONCACT : 电话:86 - 755 - 28188469 13684940952刘璐 传真:86 - 755 - 83721979邮箱: 85470028 : 网址:

  • 2010 The Second China (Shenzhen) International Biological Plasti

    Introduction At present,the demand for bio-degradable materials is huge both in China and in the world. The quantity needed at home in the packing industry and catering industry alone totals more than 3million tons.The international market demands even more, with a 30-50% year-on-year increase.,the domestic demand in 2010 is expected to reach 13.437million with a total market value of over 150 billion, while that of the world will be about 20million ton. Recent years, the bio-degradable industry has witnessed a rapid development. National policies are made to escalate the industry to a high-end one, which would hopefully be the key areas in bio-degradable and abosorbable material industry by 2015. The 2009 Shenzhen China International Bio-plastic Exhibition, is the most time-honored and professional of its kind in China. It serves as a platform for trade and technology exchanges for business people from all over the world. In 2009, enterpreneurs from about 20 countries and areas paticipated in this fair, many of which were from the U.S.A., the U.K., Germany, Italy, Tailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and Hongkong. During the exhibition, world-renowned coropetations like as BSF and INNOR had discussions on the application and future of biodegradable materials. To meet the demands of many bio-degradable enterprises, we will hold the Second Shenzhen International Bio-plastic Exhibition will be held in Great China Exchange Plaza from 16th to 17th, November 2010. We will invite business people in plastic manufactoring ,catering, packaging, machine building, and top officials form star-rate hotels.Besides, officials from local government departments for economic development and International Investment Organization will also be invited to the fair. The fair is expected to be of high-level and distictive feature with an inflence on the world bio-degradable industry. Scope of Exhibits: Bio-plastic products: Biodegradable Bags, Biodegradable Bowls, Biodegradable Cups, Biodegradable Containers, Biodegradable Plates, Biodegradable Trays,Biodegradable Cutlery, Biodegradable Knives, Biodegradable Forks, Biodegradable Spoons, Biodegradable Sporks, Cornstarch tableware,Oxo-Biodegradable masterbatches,Bio-plastics additives,Corn Starch Bags, plastic container, Sugarcane Plates and Bowls, Biodegradable plastic bowl,Biodegradable Catering Serving Fork,Biodegradable Compostable Bagasse Plates,Biodegradable Forks, Biodegradable Heavy Duty Picnic Pack,Biodegradable Knives, Biodegradable Catering Salad Tongs,Biodegradable Catering Serving Fork,Biodegradable Catering Serving Spoon,Biodegradable Catering Small Tongs,Biodegradable Spoons,Biodegradable Cutlery,Biobased substitutes to traditional plastics, 100% Biodegradable,100% Compostable,100% Biodegradable Cardboard,Biodegradable shopping bag, Bio-degradable plastics,Biodegradable bags,Pulp environmental tableware,Molded Pulp,Molded Pulp Cup,Medical bio-plastic products,E-Bio Plastic Products,Plastic Food Biotechnology,Bio-plastic cell phone case,Bio-plastic cartridges,Bio-plastic toothpaste box,Bio-plastic comb,Bio-plastic toothbrush,Bio-plastic toothpick,Bioplastics Cup,Bio-plastic products and other products. Fees: Cost to exhibitors standard booth(3m×3m): 2700USD,corner adds 10% spare room: 250USD per sqm Ads in EXPO magazine : cover:2500USD bottom :2000USD inside:1500USD CONCACT: TEL:86-755-28188469 13684940952 Liu Lu FAX:86-755-83721979

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